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1414 County Road 108 – New Albany, MS

(662) 534 7450

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Our Warehouse is FULL

At Stout’s Carpet, we sell a variety of different types of flooring, shower, and backsplash materials, including:

Hardwood, Laminate, Linoleum, Vinyl Plank/Tile, Ceramic and Porcelain Tile, Decorative Tile (for Backsplashes, Showers, etc.),  Carpet (Indoor,Outdoor, Commercial, and Residential)

For questions of what we have in stock, call (662)-534-7450 or email [email protected]

We provide Permacolor Select and Spectralock Grout

(Colors may vary from a computer monitor screen. For best experience we recommend looking at the colors in person.)

Items we have in stock include:

253 Multi Thinset Grey
253 Multi Thinset White
253 Rapid Thinset 50lb Grey
317 Grey
317 White
LHT Grey
LHT White
LHT Plus Gray
LHT Plus White
Multimax Lite Mortar 25lb Grey
Multimax Lite Mortar 25lb White
Hydroment Ditra Set 50lb -1.00
Schluter All Set Gray
Schluter All Set White
Schulter Set
Hydroment Mud In A Bag
Permacolor Grout
Spectralock Grout
2600 Permacolor Select Grout
Spectalock 1
Bostik SI-175 Self Level 50lb
Bostik SI-primer 1gal 4
Bostik Pro Cure 4 gal
Ditra 323
Ditra 323 Roll
Ditra XL 175
Ditra XL 175 Roll
Ditra-Heat Roll 3’3″x41’1′
3×6 Subway
Commoditile Classic Hex Mos. 92

Lat Caulk Sanded Acrylic
Glass Cnr Shelf 9×9 Recess Mn
Fiberrock 3×5 1/4 (60)
Fiberrock 3×5 1/2 (50)
Kerdi Full Roll 323 Sqft
Kerdi Fix
Kerdi Band 5″ X 33′ Roll
Kerdi Band 5″ X 98’5″ Roll
Kerdi-Shower-TT Thin 38×38 Center
Kerdi-Shower-T 38×60 Center
Kerdi-Shower-TS 38×60 Off-Center
Kerdi-Shower-TT Thin 48×48 Center
Kerdi-Shower-T 48×72 Center
Kerdi-Shower-T 48×60 Center
Kerdi-Shower-T 72×72 Center
Kb Shower Curb 48″
Kb Shower Curb 60″
Kb Shower Bench 16x16x20 Tri
Kb Shower Bench 24x24x20 Tri
Kb Shower48x16x20 Rec
Kerdi-Board 1/2x48x96
Kerdi-Board 2×24-1/2×96
Kerdi-Board 3/16x48x64
Kerdi-Board-SN Niche 12×6
Kerdi-Board-SN Niche 12×12
Kerdi-Board-SN Niche 12×20
Kerdi-Board-SN Niche 12×28
Kerdi Flange Kit 2″ Pvc
Kerdi Grate
Kerdi Grate Gold, Black, White
Kerdi-Kers-B Bench Neo Cor Kit
Kerdi-Kers-B Bench Cor 2/pkg
Kerdi Inside Corners 10/pkg
Go Board 3×5
Go Board 4×8
Go Board Sealant
Marbles 12×24 Matte

Bostik EFA
5900 Mastic 3.5 Gal
7200 Wall Base Adhesive 4 Gal
7200 Wall Base Adhesive 30oz
7350 Universal Adhesive 4 Gal
3300 Multipurpose Adhesive 4 Gal
2057 VCT Adhesive 4 Gal
Leveling Clip 1/8 2000 Box
Leveling Clip 1/16 2000ct Box
leveling Wedge 250/bag
leveling Wedge 250/bag
Tile Spacers 1/8 (250)
Tile Spacers 1/16 (250)
Tile Spacers 3/16 (250)
Tack Strip Wood 100/box
Tack Strip Concrete 100/box
Per. Round Carpet Blade
Per. 4 “Stripper Blade
41mm Kerdi Screw/Washer 100
Jamb Saw Blade
Economy Trowel
Trowel Kerdi 1/8×1/8 – 1.00
Trowel 3/16×5/32 V Notch 
Carpet Pad
Unison 2-in-1 Underlayment
Fluted Paper
Seam Tape
Crain 855 Miter Cutter
Floor Primer-Moisture Vapor Barrier
Kerdi Seal Ps 3/4
Kerdi Seal Mv 4-1/2 10/pkg
Seam Sealer Low Gloss Kit
Sc25 Sealer
Green Force
Lat Hydro Barrier 3.5 Gal
Stauf 3 Gallon